Tips and Advice

Not sure what kind of wig you need? Our tips and Expert Advice are here to help you choose the right wig for you for a natural look.

Your first wig

    • Hairstyle
    • Wig size
    • Human hair or Synthetic hair
    • Cap construction
    • Colour

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Human hair or Synthetic hair

    • Both have their own benefits and qualities

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Choose  your colour with confidence

  • A dramatic look or a shade close to your colour

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Wig construction type

    • Each cap has its own advantages

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Wig size

    • 95% of customers are an average size
    • Determining your wig size

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Face shape to hair style

  • Staying close to your usual style
  • Or trying something new

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More expert advice...

How to put on your new wig on?

    • Many a first time wig wearer wonder how best to put a wig on... it's easy, here's how

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Caring for your wig


7 tips

  • to make the most of your wig

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