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Roger Sport by Ellen Wille

Roger Sport by Ellen Wille

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Roger Sport by Ellen Wille is an attractive, classic men’s cut with the highest level of comfort. It has very natural look and its lace front creates the appearance of a natural hairline allowing for styling off the face. The monofilament top creates the appearance of natural hair growth. Each style is carefully designed and crafted to ensure the most natural look, comfortable fit and lightness. It is shown in colour Medium to Light Brown with 25% Gray. It is pre-styled and ready-to-wear out of the box. However, you can have it custom cut by your hair stylist to suit your own style. 

We also offer the Roger 5 Stars by Ellen Wille which offers the same natural look but has the ultimate luxurious feel as the cap is 100% hand-tied.

Click on the colour swatch below to view your colour.

  • Roger.jpg Roger Sport wig
  • ew_M56S.jpg M56S | pure white 5% light brown
  • ew_M46S.jpg M46S | light chestnut brown 75% grey
  • ew_M44S.jpg M44S | dark brown 75% grey
  • ew_M36S.jpg M36S | medium light brown 25% grey
  • ew_M17S.jpg M17S | light golden brown
  • ew_M14S.jpg M14S | dark ash blonde
  • ew_M5S.jpg M5S | medium dark golden brown
  • ew_M3S.jpg M3S | dark brown
  • ew_M7S.jpg M7S | natural medium brown
  • ew_M34S.jpg M34S | medium natural brown 35% grey
  • ew_M51S.jpg M51S | medium light brown 70% grey

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  • Pre-styled and extremely comfortable
  • Natural look and appearance
  • Lace front for an amazing natural look
  • Undetectable hairline – you can style the hair away from your face
  • Monofilament shows top as a natural head of hair. It creates the appearance of natural hair growth
  • Synthetic hair designed to look and feel like natural hair
  • Light weight, cool and comfortable to wear
  • 2 velcro adjustable straps for a perfect fit


  • Delivery: May be extended by a few days as Ellen Wille styles travel from Europe - but so worth the wait!
  • Colour shown: Medium to light brown with 25% gray
  • Cap construction: Monofilament top with lace front edge
  • Material: Synthetic fibre
  • Collection: Ellen Wille hairMANia Men’s Collection
  • Cap size: Average - view our size guide
  • Weight: Ultralight at 48 grams 
  • Colours: Wide range of colours to choose from

Note: Wig shown inside out

Monofilament top with Lace Front / Same cap construction for both men and women

Each hair on monofilament section is hand-tied to a sheer, soft base.

  • Available as a monofilament parting only, monofilament crown only, or as a full monofilament top for styling versatility
  • The higher the monofilament area, the more expensive the wig will be
  • When parted, hair looks like it’s growing straight from the scalp
  • Hair on a monofilament top can be parted in any direction
  • It has also a full lace front for a natural and undetectable hairline as well as a realistic look
  • A very natural-looking style


Our average size fits 95% of people. All our styles are available in Average size.

All wigs feature adjustable velcro tabs, which can make the cap up to 2.5 cm or about one inch larger or smaller, for a comfortable, secure fit.

Caring for your synthetic wig

Washing your wig
  • When your wig is not in use, it is best stored on a wig stand to allow ventilation
  • If you wear your synthetic wig every day, wash it every 3 weeks
  • Wash under a tap with tepid to warm running water. Never use hot water!

See our Washing Guide in order to maintain the natural appearance of your wig.

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