Counterfeit Information And Suspicious Online Companies


There are a small proportion of companies within this industry that are not reputable. We have recently seen an increase in telephone calls from individuals who have ordered from companies, that they have been led to believe are based in Australia, the USA or the UK. They have, .com or website addresses. They are in fact based in China. The products that these companies are advertising are also not the products that the customers are receiving. It is also proving very difficult to return the products as no addresses are given and to receive a refund. Any information that we receive from concerned consumers, is being passed directly to the Office of Fair Trading.

* For example, see what clients say about prowigs (,, These sites illegally use artwork photos from genuine designers like Ellen Wille on their websites to deceive potential customers. The styles clients received have nothing to do with what they have ordered and they don't honour returns and refunds! Google "prowigs review" and check out what clients have been through!

This wonderful world of wigs should be a reputable industry and an honest industry. Reputable internet companies should provide a full address which is clearly visible and a contact telephone number where you can speak to somebody, should you need to do so. Please make sure that your purchase process is going to be as lovely as possible.

Check the address, telephone number to ensure that you are able to trust the company that you are ordering from.


At, we are dedicated to help protecting the Ellen Wille brand (Ellen Wille the HAIR COMPANY GmbH) and you as our valued clients from counterfeit/fake sellers... but we need your help!

If you see a suspicious website selling what appears to be Ellen Wille wig products please let us know by contacting us at and we will work with Ellen Wille to take the necessary steps to take legal action to have these websites shut down or delisting the products.

Most importantly please do not purchase from these websites, the products are not authorised by us or Ellen Wille and are often counterfeit products (which means poor quality, damaged and copies of our beautiful wigs). In addition, some of these sites will take your money and may not deliver your order. These websites illegally use copyright protected images and photos from Ellen Wille.

Together we can remove these illegal websites and ensure that none of our clients are misled into purchasing counterfeit products or victims of a scam.


Ellen Wille is a market leading global brand and given its success has inevitably attracted the attention of criminal elements seeking to profit through the production of counterfeit products. Ellen Wille is currently investing heavily in brand protection actions.

We have to date identified numerous websites selling counterfeit goods and action is being taken against all of these sites.

We have a zero tolerance approach to counterfeiting. We love our brand and we want to protect our loyal customers against the influx of cheap imitations to the market.

Should you encounter any suspicious activity in relation to Ellen Wille brand please e-mail us at and we will be only too pleased to hear from you and to take action.

Thank you.

Your Team at