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Bob style wigs have been popular for decades, and despite changes in fashion and hair trends over the years, the bob has remained a tried and trusted style that has become a go-to for many women in Australia. Bobs are a flattering style for everyone, regardless of face shape, age and style. Bobs give the ultimate classic chic look, and are particularly lightweight and comfortable to wear whilst keeping your neck and shoulders cool in the Summer heat.


Comprehensive guide to buying a wigs online in Australia, including expert tips for research and getting the right advice, choosing the right wig and ensuring you're buying a genuine product.

Tips for Buying a Wig

All wigs are not created equal! The cap is the part of the wig the hair is attached to. There are different cap construction designs with different benefits. It's extremely important you choose the cap construction that most suits the look you want to achieve and the level of comfort you need. 

100% Hand Tied Cap with Lace Front by Ellen Wille

There has been such a buzz on the internet regarding this lace front wig from the Perucci Collection by Ellen Wille that I just had to try it! If you have purchased Ellen Wille pieces before you know they are packaged to perfection.

I ordered a platinum blonde that works with my skin tone and coloring. I am so glad I did. Nordic blonde is a good description of this color. It’s a very very light blonde and is just shy of being a true ash (cool devoid of any warm tones) platinum. I love this color :)))

United Wig - Perucci Collection - Ellen Wille

Logically it doesn't make sense for men to worry about baldness. But hair loss is serious. Celebrities are wearing wigs or hairpieces without anyone knowing (John Travolta, Daniel Craig, Jon Cryer, Jason Alexander, Nicola Cage, Ted Danson, Jay Leno to name a few).

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